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Providing Personalized Coaching and Workshops for Practicing Attorneys

Group of Multiethnic Designers Brainstorming

CoachingPersonal Coaching

Meet with us to make a customized plan to begin leading a
more fulfilling life in the law.

Group of Multiethnic Designers Brainstorming


Work with us so that we can deliver a workshop at your firm or organization on topics such as finding more joy in work, developing a life outside of work, maintaining healthy habits, and creating effective boundaries.

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In a field obsessed with prestige, Bridgette and Vivek teach you to ask instead: How will this fuel me? Following their life model professionally has encouraged me to open doors I didn’t know existed. More importantly, though, it’s oriented me towards hope and cheer in an often grueling profession

I can’t imagine how stale my legal life would be without Bridgette and Vivek. Every lesson is filled with warmth, resilience, gratitude, humor, reflection, community, and growth. Bridgette and Vivek are unconditional allies for everyone they work with and they leave a lasting impact.

It was an excellent opportunity to examine my values and strengths and think critically about how I can plan a career that aligns with them.

With Bridgette and Vivek’s support, I was able to pivot away from what I was told I should want in a legal career to what alights my fire, gives me joy, and aligns with my values. The visualization exercise in particular helped me see that a fulfilling career was just one aspect to a happy, meaningful life

Bridgette Carr

Bridgette Carr works to make everyone she encounters feel seen and heard whether she is parenting, teaching, or coaching LawLifeProf clients. She is a law professor at the University of Michigan Law School.

Vivek Sankaran

Vivek Sankaran is a husband and proud father of three boys (and a cat and dog), an active member of his local community where he loves to coach youth sports, and a law professor at the University of Michigan Law School.

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Personal Jurisdiction Podcast
Are you pursuing a particular career path simply because you feel like you should? If so, it might be time to pause and listen to this conversation with University of Michigan Law School Professors Bridgette Carr and Vivek Sankaran about why being curious, trying new things, and staying connected to people you care about can help you to design a fulfilling life in the law.
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As leaders in this field, we need to recognize the pain all around us and create spaces for professionals to openly share their struggles. Lawyers, caseworkers and judges need to create a community in which we can be vulnerable and can express the ways in which the work is impacting us every day.


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