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Our Story
For the past two decades,

we’ve served as faculty at the University of Michigan Law School teaching lawyers and law students on how to apply problem-solving skills to guide clients through complex challenges. Yet we’ve noticed that while so many lawyers skillfully assist others experiencing difficult situations, they often struggle to use those same skills to design a fulfilling and meaningful life for themselves. Far too many lawyers we know are stuck, facing burnout and fatigue, and aren’t experiencing the joy we know is possible for each of us.

But not all lawyers feel this way. We’ve connected with so many lawyers who have countered this trend and successfully built fulfilling careers and lives, while also tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. They designed lives consistent with their values while also impacting their communities. We spoke to them, learned from their experiences, and began a journey to identify practices that we all could use to craft meaningful paths forward.

Based on these experiences, we designed an innovative course at the University of Michigan Law School - Designing a Fulfilling Life in the Law - to give students a toolkit to build a joy-filled and meaningful life designed specifically for them. Students learn how to define the values that matter to them, identify what brings them energy, experiment by prototyping life design ideas, understand evidence-based practices that create fulfillment, and draft a vision for what they want their lives to look like. In doing so, they experience more autonomy over what their future will look like.

We believe that these teachings can also help those already practicing law looking for a different path. We’d love to connect with you to share what we’ve learned and help you create the life you want. Reach out to us to learn more about individual coaching, workshops or fine tuning sessions for those already on this journey.


Bridgette Carr is the co-owner and founder of LawLifeProfs. She works to make everyone she encounters feel seen and heard whether she is parenting, teaching, or coaching LawLifeProfs clients. At the University of of Michigan Law School she founded the Human Trafficking Clinic which provides free legal services to survivors of trafficking. She loves swimming, reading, and quilting and is happiest in hot and humid weather!


Vivek Sankaran is the co-owner and founder of LawLifeProfs. He is a husband and proud father of three boys (and a dog and cat!). He is an active member of his local community, and has coached hundreds of kids in basketball and soccer. At the University of Michigan Law School, he directs the Child Advocacy Law Clinic and Child Welfare Appellate Clinic, both of which serve families impacted by the foster care system. He loves hiking, reading, playing the guitar and all things sports.

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Contact us to learn more about individual coaching, workshops and other ways we can help you and others craft a fulfilling life in the law.

    What others say
    about us

    In a field obsessed with prestige, Bridgette and Vivek teach you to ask instead: How will this fuel me? Following their life model professionally has encouraged me to open doors I didn’t know existed. More importantly, though, it’s oriented me towards hope and cheer in an often grueling profession

    I can’t imagine how stale my legal life would be without Bridgette and Vivek. Every lesson is filled with warmth, resilience, gratitude, humor, reflection, community, and growth. Bridgette and Vivek are unconditional allies for everyone they work with and they leave a lasting impact.

    It was an excellent opportunity to examine my values and strengths and think critically about how I can plan a career that aligns with them.

    With Bridgette and Vivek’s support, I was able to pivot away from what I was told I should want in a legal career to what alights my fire, gives me joy, and aligns with my values. The visualization exercise in particular helped me see that a fulfilling career was just one aspect to a happy, meaningful life


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